Benefits of CONAVIT®:

  • 100% natural
  • No synthetic components or products of the chemical industry
  • High content of essential nutrients is released into the soil throughout the whole season
  • Does not leave any toxic residue in the soil
  • Apart from being rich in basic nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, iron and calcium, CONAVIT® also contains a broad spectrum of microelements which support the plant
  • The fertilizer is suitable for all plant species


CONAVIT is certified for ORGANIC use.


CONAVIT has the best results in combination with mycorrhizal products such as SYMBIVIT®, ECTOVIT® or RHODOVIT®. Mycorrhizal fungi extend the root system and ensure a better transportation of water and nutrients from the soil to the plant.

Packaging:750 g, 3 kg, 10 kg a 20 kg


Keratin, natural humates, patentkali, ground minerals: zeolite amd apatite.
N 5 %, P 6 %, K 4 %, Mg 2 %, S 2 %, Ca 4 %, microelements (Mn, Zn, B, Cu)

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