• aeration / soil ventilation
  • H2O improving retention in the soil
  • reduces nutrient leaching
  • adjustment of soil pH
  • efficient use of fertilizer (rezervoir of NPK)
  • supports the creation of the root system of plants
  • improves the ion-exchange in soil

How soil conditioner Zeolite works in the soil?

Zeolite – soil conditioner, owing to its unique structure, this soil additive exhibits excellent ion-exchange properties, enables reversible hydration and dehydration, binds and slowly releases nutrients into the soil, makes effective use of fertiliser nutrients (NPK fertilisers), positively controls soil pH, and facilitates root system growth.

Soil conditioner application – acidic soils, heavy clay soils, sandy soils; as a component for substrates – replanting, hydroponic growing, fertiliser mixtures, fertiliser production, lawn and golf green sanding; regeneration/re-cultivation of contaminated soils – conditioning and detoxication.

Advantages of the soil conditioner Zeolite

  • soil structure improvement – soil aeration
  • high ion-exchange capability (1.2-1.5 mol/kg = 120-150 meq/100 g),
  • prevents nutrients from being washed away into ground water resources

Recomended fractions

0 - 0,2 mm | 0,5 - 1 mm

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