Applications and Benefits of OFFYOUGROW CONCENTRATES:

  • As a seed companion to ensure better plant establishment
  • Convenient for the professional applications
  • Applicable for almost 90% of the world´s plant
  • species
  • Improved nutrition, growth and health
  • Better formation of flowers and fruit, higher yield
  • Significantly reduced need of watering and
  • fertilizing
  • Increased resistance to environmental stress
  • (drought, transplanting etc.)
  • Excellent for planting on slopes for stabilizing
  • the surface

Offyougrow concentrates are made to suit the wishes of the client, including endomycorrhizal fungi bespoke for specific conditions and purposes.


Offyougrow CONCENTRATE 0-500µ is micronized powder inoculum consists of a 6 species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (endomycorrhizal fungi). The powder comes in a particle size less than 500 microns.
This product may be supplied in the version certified for organic application by the Soil Association Ltd. as OFFYOUGROW PREMIUM


Take the best of what Symbiom has learned in order to present the most concentrated and biologically active solutions to plant health. The powder comes in a particle size less than 256 microns. This product is produced on the special request of the customer only.
This product is certified for organic application by the Soil Association Ltd.

Not suitable for:

Orchids, the Brassicaceae family, for spinach, turnip, amaranth and some other plants. For conifers (pine, spruce, fir etc.) and some broad-leaved trees (oak, beech, birch etc.), use the product ECTOVIT®. For ericaceous plants (heathers, azaleas, blueberries, rhododendrons etc.), use the product RHODOVIT®.


Avoid using excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers. You do not have to stop using them, but large amounts of soluble chemicals usually harm mycorrhizal fungi. Do not overdose your plants with chemicals. Also, most systemic fungicides kill fungi in early stages of development. We recommend not using them during the first 3 weeks after application of mycorrhizal products.
The product does not contain genetically engineered organisms. It degrades naturally in the soil and does not leave any toxic residue. It does not pollute surface or ground water.



Natural clay carriers, several species of mycorrhizal fungi

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