Permanent product

Symbiom natural products act on plants root systems throughout their lifetime. They are permanently present in the soil and do not need to be repeatedly added.

Living organism

Mycorrhizal fungi are living organisms that live in the soil and provide optimal nutrition for plants. Plants thrive better, are more resistant to drought and common diseases.


Symbiom natural products take care of the ideal water and nutrient management of plants. It provides excellent growing results even with lower watering, without chemistry and carbon footprint. We are BIO.
How does it work? 

Mycorrhizal fungi for your plants

Friendship between plants and soil microorganisms has existed in nature since ancient times. We bring out the best in Symbiom products that are purely natural and local. We develop and manufacture mycorrhizal products that benefit plants, people, and nature. The result is beautiful plants and full flavoured fruits, vitamins, and health benefits.
Fruits, vegetables, ornamental greenery, and houseplants 


We were inspired by the wisdom of nature and the power of mycorrhizal fungi. The product is simply added to the soil when the plant is planted. The mycorrhizal fungi connect with the root system and form a lasting partnership throughout the life of the plant. 

Flowers and trees will use water and nutrients more efficiently. You can reduce the intensity of watering and fertilising. Plants will be more vigorous, more resistant to drought, disease, and pests. At the same time, the yield and quality of the fruit will increase. 

What our clients say about us

I bought my mom your Symbivit because she's a big gardener. But she's also very suspicious of new things. The experiment convinced her. The flower is bigger, started to bloom earlier and looks healthier. Thank you very much for a great thing.

Ivo v.

I would never have thought that Symbivit Flower would have such an effect on the flowering of the bougainvillea I have been growing for 10 years. After Symbivit Flower I have my bungvelia wrapped flowers this year, they have a beautiful rich flower colour.

Božena Š.

I'm excited about the products and I believe that all our flowers have welcomed the "life-booster" in the form of mycorrhizal fungi. Thank you to the entire Symbiom team and I wish you many more satisfied customers.

Markéta K.

I use your products automatically. I have been convinced by the experience when my plantings have almost 100% success rate. A colleague who also plants trees in the same region lost 30% of his plantings. I need to keep the customer happy and not have to renew the plantings unnecessarily. Your products help me in this.

Olga Žáková

Certification for organic production