Who are we?


Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature.

For more than twenty years, we have been exploring nature and looking for ways to learn from its wisdom. We participate in scientific projects that verify research results in practice. The products of our research are all-natural products for plant nutrition and protection. We focus on the use of mycorrhizal fungi and the production of products that naturally support healthy plant growth and development.

How it started...

The company was established by two enthusiasts who were fascinated by the essence of mycorrhizal symbiosis. Long discussions around it finally led to the founding of Symbiom in 1999. As it happens with small companies, there was a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning. The company was born just like many other "garage" companies, with the only difference that it was not founded in a garage, but literally in the woods. Its connection to nature is ever-present and we realise that without it, we wouldn't even be here. Although we know much more than we did at the beginning, we are still discovering many new things. The new knowledge then moves us on and gives us confidence that this work is worthwhile.

...and where we are

In 2018, the partner company Symvitro was established, dealing with sterile laboratory production of specific mycorrhizal products for targeted applications in agriculture.

In 2019, Symbiom became part of the French company DE SANGOSSE, which manufactures and sells fertilisers and plant cultivation products worldwide. We believe that based on this cooperation we will be able to reach new customers and further increase and expand the range of mycorrhizal products.

Research activities

For many years, Symbiom has been involved in Czech and international scientific research projects aimed at the development of new products based on mycorrhizal fungi and new ways of their application. 

Our company's participation in scientific projects proves that the products and technologies we offer are the result of proper testing.

They wrote about us

Cooperation with Symbiom

“Symbiom have been outstanding to work with for the past 10 years.  High quality products, professional, reliable and ethical.  Highly recommended.  Dr Ash Martin, Microbe Smart, Australia.”

Ashley W. Martin

Trial, wheat crops with Mycodrip on Skaraslätten, Östergötland, Sweden

A total of 80 hectares of organic spring wheat were inoculated with Mycodrip during the month of April. The fields were inoculated with Mycodrip and 100 litres of water per hectare.

What Prof. Dr. Ian Sanders says about Symbiom

Symbiom has consistently delivered very high quality products that are easy to apply. This is why we use their products or fungi produced in their production system for our research...

Revitalization of trees in Malmö

The Fagus sylvatica ”Pendula” in Margistratpark was one of our first projects for the city of Malmö. Kjell Hedberg was commissioned to revitalize the tree as it has suffered various mishaps over the years and did not feel well.

Our partners

Thank you to our partners who take sustainability seriously and put their trust in Symbiom's natural products. Products based on mycorrhizal fungi are used in playgrounds, urban greenery, or cultivation. You can also purchase Symbiom products from some of them.