Revitalization of trees in Malmö

The Fagus sylvatica ”Pendula” in Margistratpark was one of our first projects for the city of Malmö. Kjell Hedberg was commissioned to revitalize the tree as it has suffered various mishaps over the years and did not feel well. The tree was inoculated with Ectovit ( Symbiom product ) and added species of myceliums at the end of March 2018. The root system and the rhizophore were inventoried before inoculation to see if any mycorrhiza developed during its lifetime. No mycorrhiza could be verified. The tree got a number of species of fungal mycelium (mycelial theory) directed specifically at the Pendula.

7 months later, the root zone was monitored and Kjell Hedberg was able to find newly formed Mykorrhiza at selected coordinates where we implemented living myceliums.

After the revitalization, unfortunately, a large branch of the crown was cracked by an autumn storm. The large branch received advanced support from tree specialists.

The tree has since been closely monitored and all changes have been documented by both the municipality's specialists and Kjell Hedberg. In September 2020, it could be seen that growth was on the rise and that there was also increased biomass under the tree's canopy,

In July 2021, the latest inventory was made and you can now see a clear growth force in the tree. So distinct that the citizens of the city react to the fact that their beloved Pendula have a renewed grown power for life cycle. We can now hope that the trend continues and that this tree can be healthy and live a long time. The tree is important and helps its surroundings with useful ecosystem services. Kjell Hedberg traveling around world and inokulate trees in cities. He is also one of new who work with mycelium theory. Ectovit as an basic product with added fungi specialist and generalist make our products unik in the world. Therefore can we help trees to develop both protecton from pathogens and increase diversity in soil.

Kjell Hedberg
Mycorrhiza Mycologist