Mycodrip® Specs

Mycodrip is unique soil-less, in vitro produced mycorrhizal product applicable
via subsurface drip irrigation or by mixing with substrates at productions of plant seedlings.
Lifespan product
The natural products of Symbiom act on the root system of a plant throughout its lifespan. They are permanently present in the soil and there is no need to add them repeatedly.
Living organism
Mycorrhizal fungi are living organisms that live in the soil and provide plants with optimal nutrition. Plants grow better, are more resistant to drought and common diseases.
The natural products of Symbiom will take care of the optimum water and nutrient management of plants. It will ensure better growing results even with less irrigation, without chemicals and carbon footprint. We are "BIO"

Description of the product:

The product is designed to form beneficial mycorrhizal symbiosis and to stimulate the plant health and growth in wide variety of soils and climates.
  • high quality mycorrhiza based on soil-less production method
  • maximum purity of mycorrhizal fungi
  • cost-effective application by subsurface irrigation
  • improved nutrition, growth and health of plants
  • increased yield and resistance to environmental stress

Microbiological property:

  • min. no. of spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (genus Rhizophagus) per g: 3 000
  • typical no. of spores per 250g: 1 000 000

Plant suitability:

For plants under subsurface drip irrigation such as cereals, vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs, ornamentals, olive and palm trees, turfs and greens. For applications in seedlings' production of vegetables, herbs, flowers etc.

Application and dosage:

1. Application by subsurface irrigation: depends on the number of the plants and drippers per ha. Adjust the minimum rate from 250g (20 000 plants/ha) to 500g (over 40 000 plants/ha) in line with planting densities.

2. Mixing with the substrate for seedlings' production: adjust the minimum rate from 250g/m3 of substrate (to produce 100 000 seedlings) to 500g/m3 of substrate (to produce over 250 000 seedlings) in line with number of produced seedlings.

The product must come into direct contact with plant roots. It is impossible to overdose - higher dosage ensures better establishment of mycorrhiza.

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prof. lan Sanders / University of Laussane, Switzerland

There are many different products on the market containing mycorrhizal fungi for use in crop production. Some of these products contain very poor quality material, most probably because of poor quality control, or are mixed with a carrier substrate that is not free of other microbes or which is very difficult to apply. Symbiom have overcome these problems with their products and Symbiom has consistently delivered very high quality products that are easy to apply. This is why we use their products or fungi produced in their production system for our research that involves field trials with mycorrhizal fungi. After working for over 30 years with mycorrhizal fungi, these products have been the best ones we have tested and working with Symbiom has always been very straightforward and a good experience.

Dr Ash Martin / Microbe Smart, Australia

Symbiom have been outstanding to work with for the past 10 years.  
High quality products, professional, reliable and ethical.  
Highly recommended.

Kjell Hedberg / Mycorrhiza mycologist, Sweden

I have been working with Symbiom products in the Nordic region for a very long time. We have enjoyed success as specialists in the field of mycorrhizae mycology, helping farmers, cities and the government.  Symbiom's products are world-leading and of the highest quality and  in performance.

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Mycodrip® free sample

Symbiom Company

Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature.

For more than twenty years, we have been exploring nature and looking for ways to learn from its wisdom. We participate in scientific projects that verify research results in practice. The products of our research are all-natural products for plant nutrition and protection. We focus on the use of mycorrhizal fungi and the production of products that naturally support healthy plant growth and development.

In 2019, Symbiom became part of the French company DE SANGOSSE, which manufactures and sells fertilisers
and plant cultivation products worldwide.

Mycodrip free sample

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